I wake up to this heads-up from The Walrus Said:

Bigger than 9/11

This is the kind of attack Al-Qaeda is threatening against the US, warning all American Muslims to flee New York and Washington.

From an interview with Abu Dawood, the newly appointed commander of the al Qaeda forces in Afghanistan, by journalist Hamid Mir.

It is headlined:

Exclusive to Canada Free Press and Northeast Intelligence

Next Attack Imminent:
Muslims ordered to leave the United States

Final preparations have been made for the American Hiroshima [ … ]

The al Qaeda operatives who will launch this attack are awaiting final orders. They remain in place in cities throughout the country. Many are masquerading as Christians and have adopted Christian names.

Journalist Mir has access — he was “the only journalist to interview Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Taliban leader Mullah Omar in the wake of 9/11” — and a good prophetic track record, having warned of “the resurgence of the Taliban with support from Iran and an unofficial truce between President Pervez Musharraf and al Qaeda.”

The interview is then quoted verbatim. A couple of provocative bits:

Our brothers are ready to attack inside America. We will breach their security again. There is no timeframe for our attack inside America; we can do it any time.

* * *

Bush is aware that brother Adnan [El Shukrijumah] has smuggled deadly materials inside America from the Mexican border. Bush is silent about him, because he doesn’t want to panic his people. [ … ]

* * *

9/11 was a revenge of Palestinian children, killed by the US-made weapons, supplied to Israel. The next attack on America would be a revenge of Lebanese children killed by US-made cluster bombs.

* * *

Most of our brothers are living in Western countries, with Jewish and Christian names, with passports of Western countries. This time, someone with the name of Muhammad Atta will not attack inside America, it would be some David, Richard or Peter.

Go there. (And tip your hat to the Walrus on the way.)

Time will tell if these guys are blowing smoke, but they know they’ll squander a lot of credibility if they are. Very believable is their threat of a sort of Afghani Tet Offensive during Ramadan. I don’t like to admit to being terrorized by terrorists, but . . .


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