Oh boy…this is not good news.

The Hill (the periodical, not the person) is reporting that Terry “Global Crossing” McAuliffe will be the money guy for Hillary in 2008.

From the story:

Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe has told business associates and Democratic donors that he will chair Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) presidential campaign next year, according to several Democratic sources.

Together, Clinton, the favorite to win the Democratic nomination, and McAuliffe, the top money man in Democratic politics, have a good chance of raising $100 million before the first official contest, the Iowa caucuses in January 2008.

While Clinton and her staff insist she is focused solely on winning reelection in New York this November, the decision over who will be in charge of getting her elected to the White House is already settled.

McAuliffe told The Hill yesterday that Clinton has not made a decision on running for president and will not do so until after Nov. 7. McAuliffe also denied telling friends that he will serve as chairman, although sources contradict him.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to RUN the campaign, but as The Hill points out, he most likely won’t be satisfied with just raising money. Trust me, he won’t.

People, I don’t want this guy in the White House. Period. He’s got partisan creep written all over his face, and regardless of how much money he raised for the Dems, his brand of politics is poison to the process. Also, if you’ve ever seen him on any of the pundit shows, you know how oily he comes off as. True, he may be a sweetheart, but there are way too many pieces of the McAuliffe puzzle that suggest otherwise. No thank you.

And Hillary, if you’re going to run, you can do so much better than getting in bed with this guy.

Also from the story, it looks as if we have something else to look forward to in 2008. Mr. John Kerry most likely will be running again…

Randlett said donors who have met Clinton leave the room certain that she will run for president. He said the same clear impression is given by two other hopefuls, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner (D).

“For Kerry, for Warner, and for Hillary, they are all a certainty,� said Randlett.

Warner I’m okay with. Kerry, please stay home.

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