When the leading conservative mag comes out and basically says you’re done…things ain’t looking up.

From the Weekly Standard:

In recent weeks, Allen has gone from presidential contender to embattled senator. His mishandling of a name-calling incident, and his ham-handed denial and subsequent revelation that his mother was raised Jewish, have almost eliminated him from the field of serious presidential candidates and even jeopardized his Senate seat. While still trailing in the polls, Allen’s Democratic opponent, the author and former secretary of the Navy James Webb, has pulled within striking distance. This reflects a substantial swing in public opinion; until recently Allen’s lead over Webb was in double digits. Also until recently, a group of senior Republican consultants met regularly to discuss Allen’s strategy for the upcoming presidential campaign. Today, those meetings are devoted exclusively to helping the senator win reelection. Having just stepped out upon the national stage, George Allen now finds himself in danger of being shuffled off of it.

It’s a good profile of the man, his background and it provides some more insight into why he now finds himself in troubled times.

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