Even if the Dems do regain power, how could they turn down the pleas from the Iraqi President to stay?

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Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, in an interview, asked for a long-term US military presence in Iraq, saying his country will need two permanent US air bases to deter “foreign interference.”

“I think we will be in need of American forces for a long time — even two military bases to prevent foreign interference,” Talabani told The Washington Post.

“I don’t ask to have 100,000 American soldiers — 10,000 soldiers and two air bases would be enough.”

The president indicated the bases would most welcome in Kurdistan, an autonomous region in northern Iraq that has practiced de facto self-government since the 1991 Gulf War.

But he suggested that the Sunni Arab segment of the Iraqi population would also welcome a long-term US military presence in Iraq.

But first, we have to win the peace. We can’t do that if we draw down the troops to incredibly low levels. Thankfully, it looks like we’re going to increase troop levels next year to stop this growing civil war.

Let’s hope we keep our word to the Iraqi people to win the peace in their country. Otherwise, it’s gonna be a bloodbath. And I don’t use that term lightly.

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