As Sully suggests, maybe they aren’t very good at follow through when it comes to wars, but they certainly know about follow through when it’s time to get people out to the polls.

From TIME:

Thanks to aggressive redistricting in the 1990s and early 2000s, fewer than three dozen House seats are seriously in contention this election cycle, compared with more than 100 in 1994, the year Republicans swept to power with a 54-seat pickup in the House. Then there’s what political pros call the ground game. For most of the 20th century, turning out voters on Election Day was the Democrats’ strength. They had labor unions to supply workers for campaigns, make sure their voters had time off from their jobs to go to the polls and provide rides to get them there.

Now, though, Democrats are the ones playing catch-up when it comes to the mechanics of Election Day. Every Monday, uberstrategist Karl Rove and Republican Party officials on Capitol Hill get spreadsheets tallying the numbers of voters registered, volunteers recruited, doors knocked on and phone numbers dialed for 40 House campaigns and a dozen Senate races. Over the next few weeks, the party will begin flying experienced paid and volunteer workers into states for the final push. The Senate Republicans’ campaign committee calls its agents special teams, led by marshals, all in the service of the partywide effort known as the 72-Hour Task Force because its working philosophy initially focused on the final three days before an election.

In my lifetime, Dems have always underestimated the Repub’s intelligence and will. I mean, let’s be honest…had it not been for Ross Perot, Bill Clinton would have just been another ex-Governor who ran for President.

Take note Dems.

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