This post might make you feel better. And I stress might.

However, first I acknowledge that I’ve been posting a lot about this story, and that’s because there’s a LOT to post about. Just today, Tom Reynolds’ Chief of Staff resigned. Big story that points toward a coverup? Quite possibly.

Also, this story isn’t even a week old yet. So please, for my sanity and yours, let’s get a grip on all the “I’m so sick of this scandal!” talk. More information is coming out and politicians on both sides are talking about it. This is a big story, so we’re going to cover it.

Of course, maybe I should be talking about other things too. Maybe I should talk about North Korea’s proposed nuke test, the numerous G.I.s getting killed in Iraq in a single day, the Amish killings/pedophile scandal, the hijacked jet in Italy or maybe I should talk about the Democrats getting closer to taking back the House.

Listen, we’ll get back to regularly scheduled programming in fairly short order. But for the time being, hang in there with me as we sift through this growing scandal.

Much appreciated…

Other For Those Already Sick of the Foley Scandal…