By seven points, in the new WNBC/Marist Poll.

If those numbers persist, they will likely excuse a number of sins, such as being pro-choice (though I’d wager Rudy will moderate or qualify that position if he runs — the pro-choice but anti-abortion position is being wheeled into place just in time) and being so comfortable with homosexuals that he crashed on the sofa of a gay friend and his partner when Donna Hanover kicked him out. (I (heart) New York.)

According to the same poll, “America’s Mayor” also leads the field of Republican candidates, and seems “ideologically about right” (neither too liberal nor too conservative) to 51% of registered voters, including 70% of Republicans.

And yet, 57% of voters surveyed don’t think he’s likely to be elected if he runs.

The poll then asks the same questions about Hillary.

The answers are somewhat symmetrical similar, but Rudy’s edge shows in several of them: 54% of voters DO want him to run, while 51% DO NOT want Hillary to run. And 66% don’t think she’s likely to be elected if she does.

Check it out.

Hat Tip: Icepick from The Kitchen Drawer.

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