Is Kirk Fordham telling the truth or just trying to cover his ass? That question could literally make or break Dennis Hastert’s chances of holding onto his credibility and job.

From the Wash Post:

A longtime chief of staff to disgraced former representative Mark Foley (R-Fla.) approached House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert’s office three years ago, repeatedly imploring senior Republicans to help stop Foley’s advances toward teenage male pages, the staff member said yesterday.

The account by Kirk Fordham, who resigned yesterday from his job with another senior lawmaker, pushed back to 2003 or earlier the time when Hastert’s staff reportedly became aware of Foley’s questionable behavior concerning teenagers working on Capitol Hill. […]

“The fact is, even prior to the existence of the Foley e-mail exchanges, I had more than one conversation with senior staff at the highest levels of the House of Representatives, asking them to intervene when I was informed of Mr. Foley’s inappropriate behavior,” said Fordham, who was Foley’s chief of staff for 10 years.

Now remember, this is also the guy who worked for Rep. Tom Reynolds, another person who said he talked to Hastert about Foley’s indiscretions.

In other news, the person who gave those emails to ABC was a life long Republican. So that puts another hole in the “Dem conspiracy” theories.

The plot thickens…

Politics Ex-Foley Aide Says Hastert Knew In ’03