John Warner (R-Va) is the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. In other words, he’s no shrinking violet. So how do you read the following?

From Political Wire:

Said Warner: “It seems to me the situation is simply drifting sideways It was a markedly different trip from ones before. We just did not have the freedom and ability to travel where I have been before.”

Warner said the United States should set a timetable of 60 to 90 days, and if things don’t improve, he suggested a “change of course” would be appropriate.

People, things won’t change in the next 3 months. They just won’t. So is this “change of course” some way of saying we’re going to pull out if the Iraqi government can’t get their house in order?

Personally, while I feel it’s risky, a “more stick/less carrot” approach may indeed be the way to go when dealing with Iraq. Obviously our poor lack of planning for the peace is the majority reason why things are getting so out of hand over there, but if we do set some sort of timetable, the Iraqi politicians may get nervous. This strategy could light a fire under their asses. BUT…it’s a helluva chance, and we’d be bluffing with Iraqi lives.

Honestly, though, what else can we do? More troops seem unrealistic at this point, even though I think that’s the right approach.

Again, what else can we do?

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