That’s the question PowerLine is asking, and I think blogger John Hinderaker has an extremely good point.

After all, who could possibly argue with logic like this?

How did the email and instant messages that triggered the scandal come to light? It has been reported that at least one set of IMs became public after they were sent to “political operatives favorable to Democrats.” But when did that happen? The messages themselves are three years old. When did the Democrats find out about them? Did they sit on them for a while, so they could use them as an “October surprise” for maximum political benefit?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, but they are important and need to be answered. If the Democrats have known for some time about Foley’s transgressions but failed to act until now, they endangered more boys–and why? Solely to advance their partisan political interests.

I don’t know the answers to these questions either. I wonder where we could find them.

So yes…let’s smoke out these Dems who…wait…what did they do again? Oh yes, they picked the wrong side of the political spectrum.

One last shot in the dark…

Is it possible that the Democrats deliberately delayed disclosure of Foley’s transgressions, thereby endangering the security of current Congressional pages and other teenage boys, solely to advance their own political interests? One would certainly hope not. But it is obviously a question that needs to be investigated and answered.

Yes, one would certainly hope not!

I’m with Hinderaker…anybody who would use this soley for partisan reasons and try to hide the truth, or write blog posts to distract people from the real issue, should be dealt with accordingly. That’s obviously much more important than answering all the other questions about this case.

Do you hear us Pelosi?! You better get your house in order because you’ve got some explaining to do for YOUR party’s role in the Foley case, whatever that may be…if anything at all…oh god can we please pin this on the Dems…sniff…

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