And why shouldn’t they? They’ve got their act together and no other faction really does.

From Wash Post:

SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq — With violence bloodying Iraq, Kurds in the peaceful north have been showing signs of going their own way, raising their own flag and even hinting they could secede in a dispute over oil wealth _ moves that have alarmed Shiites and Sunnis.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s visit to Kurdistan on Friday underlined American worries that Kurds may be pushing too hard too soon for autonomy powers at a time of increasing sectarian tensions.

Kurds insist they are only using the autonomous powers given to them by the constitution passed last year that laid down a federal system in Iraq. But many of those powers _ particularly the division of oil wealth _ remain vague.

Perhaps this is the way out. After all, the article says that Shiites want their own region too. So why not just split the region into thirds, create three separate countries and then call it a day?

Of course, it’s never that easy. After all, there are massive amounts of money involved…

Kurdish oil deals have also raised concerns in Baghdad. The Kurdistan government signed a series of agreements with foreign companies to develop new oil fields this year. Over the summer, a Canadian-Turkish consortium drilled a test well in the area of Taq Taq, between Sulaimaniyah and Irbil. […]

But the constitution remains vague on sharing oil wealth. It calls for a fair distribution, but also gives regions a hand in developing new oil fields. Parliament has been debating legislation on dividing oil wealth, but has yet to pass a law.

More as it develops…

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