Ooooh, Mr. Bush calls the North Korean nuclear test “unacceptable.” Which is just what he called it before they carried out the test.

Unacceptable. What is that, the magic word, Mr. President? Unacceptable?

It’s a pity the Japanese didn’t think of this in 1945. If only they had announced that nuclear weapons were “unacceptable.”

And now we’re off to the UN to impose sanctions on a country where the government has no reluctance whatsoever to watch their own people starve or freeze.

Impose sanctions, cut off their cash, cut off their oil, that’ll show ’em.

Gosh, I wonder what the North Koreans could possibly do to raise some cash now? Let’s see if we can think of anything a rogue nuclear-armed state could possibly do to raise a few hundred million dollars. Anyone? Any suggestions?

Thank God there’s no country swimming in billions of dollars of oil money that would like a quick path to joining the nuke club.

Yesterday all North Korea had to put on the table was a possible weapon. Now they have a real one. The North Koreans just raised their market value by hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. Iranians, Syrians and Al Qaeda all just booked flights to Pyong Yang.

But don’t worry: it’s unacceptable.

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