For now it seems to be coming in the form of Joe Lieberman, who’s pulling away from left-wing blogosphere favorite Ned Lamont.

The NY Times has more:

Since the primary, Mr. Lieberman has focused on a message of bipartisanship, often invoking the name of Senator John McCain, the Arizona Republican popular across party lines. He has held frequent fund-raisers with Republican leaders, including one on Tuesday in Los Angeles with Bruce Bialosky, a longtime Republican fund-raiser. […]

“I think the conventional wisdom is wrong and that this is still a tight race,� said Lanny J. Davis, a close friend of Mr. Lieberman’s who is advising the campaign. “But I do believe that Lamont has proven that a narrowly based ideological campaign in a primary has to transition into a broader electorate, and he has so far failed to do that. That’s the reason there’s a perception that Joe is safely ahead.�

Who will be the next to ride this independent wave? A nominee for President ’08?

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