Looks like the Republican dark horse, Alan Schlesinger, came out strong in the recent debate. Or at least that’s what the left would have you believe.

Hot Air has an interesting roundup of the blogosphere’s attempt to paint Schlesinger as the winner.

And then, more from the Hartford Courant

The televised hourlong encounter also included Republican Alan Schlesinger, who saved his sharpest attacks for Lieberman. The two are vying for Republican votes.

Schlesinger, recalling Lieberman’s public scolding of former President Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, sniped at the senator for being AWOL in Washington as North Korea pursued its nuclear ambitions.

“The question should be why has Joe Lieberman over the last 18 years not been there on this issue,” Schlesinger said. “Joe, you had more moral outrage about Mr. Clinton’s indiscretions than about North Korea’s nuclear proliferation.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Republican-led Congress take their eye off nuclear North Korea in favor of trying to impeach Clinton?

In any event, if Schlesinger can siphon even 10%, Joe may once again be Loserman and the blogsophere will claim credit for Lamont’s win…by supporting Schlesinger.

What times we live in…

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