This time in Texas:

The Tarrant County Democratic Party and four local voters have filed a federal lawsuit against the Texas secretary of state declaring that the electronic voting machines used in Tarrant County are unconstitutional and in violation of federal law.

The suit calls for the county’s election system to install a verifiable paper trail in time for Tuesday’s general election, a process that the top local election official said would be impossible.

Art Brender, chairman of the Tarrant County Democratic Party, filed the suit in Austin on Monday charging that without a backup paper trail that voters can use to double-check their vote when casting their ballot electronically, the voting system in Tarrant County violates the Texas Election Code, the Help America Vote Act, and the first and fourteenth amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

No paper trail? Come on…we need a Federal standard for voting. None of this state-by-state shit anymore. Local and state officials have shown that they’re incapable of providing adequate voting systems, so let’s federalize this process and call it a day.

What say you?

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