The numbers in Scandanavia provide undeniable proof that this is a good idea. Great news.

From Volokh:

A decade after Denmark, Norway and Sweden passed their respective partnership laws, heterosexual marriage rates had risen 10.7% in Denmark; 12.7% in Norway; and a whopping 28.8% in Sweden. In Denmark over the last few years, marriage rates are the highest they’ve been since the early 1970s. Divorce rates among heterosexual couples, on the other hand, have fallen. A decade after each country passed its partnership law, divorce rates had dropped 13.9% in Denmark; 6% in Norway; and 13.7% in Sweden. On average, divorce rates among heterosexuals remain lower now than in the years before same-sex partnerships were legalized. […]

Seventeen years after recognizing same-sex relationships in Scandinavia there are higher marriage rates for heterosexuals, lower divorce rates, lower rates for out-of-wedlock births, lower STD rates, more stable and durable gay relationships, more monogamy among gay couples, and so far no slippery slope to polygamy, incestuous marriages, or “man-on-dog” unions.

Stories like this make me smile because you can’t argue with numbers like that. Well, you can, but you’ll look like a hack.

And by the way…DUH! Of course when you allow more people to marry, more are going to do it and more are going to behave in a less risky fashion. The legal right to make it official and have the government bless the words “Yes, I want to spend my life with this person” is always a good idea and for those who think differently…again…the numbers.

So, when will gays have the same marital rights as straights? 2012? 2016? 2020? Sooner?

In other news…religious leaders are wising up in Virginia

Rabbi Dan Alexander sports a bumper sticker on his car that reads: “My Faith Says Vote ‘No’ on #1.�

He is one of about 20 Charlottesville area Christian and Jewish leaders who gathered Wednesday to discuss why they plan to vote against Question No. 1, a proposed amendment to the Virginia Constitution to add a definition of legal marriage to the Bill of Rights.

“I almost never put bumper stickers on my automobile,� said Alexander, rabbi at Congregation Beth Israel on East Jefferson Street.

In the upcoming election on this question, however, he said he believes strongly that the amendment runs counter to “the core American ideal whereby government is meant to ensure and protect the rights of individuals rather than to impose itself on them.�

Thank God.

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