(NOTE: incumbent seat listed on right, and these are the seats that are in play, not ALL of the seats)

MONTANAJon Tester (D) vs. Conrad Burns (R)
-Tester wins

MISSOURIClaire McCaskill (D) vs. Jim Talent (R)
-McCaskill wins

VIRGINIAJim Webb (D) vs. George Allen (R)
-Webb wins

TENNESSEE – Harold Ford, Jr. (D) vs. Bob Corker (R)
-Corker wins

RHODE ISLANDSheldon Whitehouse (D) vs. Lincoln Chafee (R)
Whitehouse takes it according to ABC News. Huge since Chafee voted against the war.

OHIOSherrod Brown (D) vs. Mike DeWine (R)
CBS calls the race for Brown

PENNSYLVANIABob Casey, Jr. (D) vs. Rick Santorum (R)
CBS calls the race for Casey, Jr.

NEW JERSEY – Thomas Kean, Jr (R) vs. Robert Menendez (D)
Fox calls the race for Menendez

MARYLAND – Michael Steele (R) vs. Ben Cardin (D)
CBS calls it for Cardin

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