Low hanging fruit are those policies in which the party leaders are closer together than further apart.

– Raise the minimum wage
– Give middle class families a tax deduction for tuition offset by increasing the tax on the rich.
– Allow Medicare to negotiate bulk purchase of drugs
– Senate Immigration plan.
– Redirect Energy industry tax breaks towards renewable energy methods.
– Implement the 9/11 Commission recommendations.
– Restore Iraq contract oversight
– Reduce corporate subsidies not in the national interest.
– Ethics reform. More transparency.
– Limit earmarks.
– Redistricting reform and more open primaries, move election day to Saturday.
– Remove barriers to competition in the Health Insurance industry.
– Remove ideological restrictions on sex education and access to day after pills.
– Concede that the country is not yet ready for Gay Marriage but is for civil unions.
– Set a threshold for Estate Taxes and move on.
– Simplify Taxes – combine a flatter tax with a higher consumption tax.
– State Children’s Health Insurance Program
– No Child Left Behind
– Social Security adjustments: raise retirement age, remove tax cap, Means testing.
– Set up standing bipartisan teams to work out the more controversial issues.

It would be reassuring to hear of a steady stream of policy reconciliations over the next few years until we get to the really hard stuff like a flag burning amendment. 😉

Austin Centrist

Politics Low Hanging Fruit – Thoughts on a Legislative Agenda