I posted a lengthy profile about Robert Gates recently, but this one is much more relevant to the position he’s vying for.

From CQ.com:

…he’s long been a major player in Republican national security circles, first as a Russian specialist on President Gerald Ford’s White House National Security Council in 1974, then eventually at the CIA, where he held a handful of senior positions before being tapped to be its chief by the first President Bush, in 1991.

And it wasn’t the first time he’d been nominated for the post � or his first dose of trouble in the spotlight.

In early 1987, his role in the so-called Iran-Contra affair, a secret White House operation to sell weapons to radical Islamic Iran in exchange for the release of U.S. hostages � and cash for CIA-backed rebels in Nicaragua � came under scrutiny.

Gates withdrew his nomination in the face of sure rejection.

So what to make of that? Is the Iran-Contra scandal behind us? Can we trust him to do right where Rumsfeld done wrong?

Here seems to be the upside…

“The most important thing may not be Bob’s Intel background, but his experience back in the Bush 41 days when the ‘Deputies’ Committee’ worked at its best ever � Defense, State, CIA, NSC,� Bearden said. “That group held a government together when it was trying to pull off one of the trickiest moves since WWII: the denouement of the USSR, the reunification of Germany inside NATO, and cleaning up after the half century engagement of the Cold War.�

“The crux of it,� Bearden added, “is that he knows how to make a national security team work.�

So where Donald failed, Robert could make it work.

Let’s hope.

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