TPM Muckraker reminds us that the Dems have had plenty of problems of their own.

Take John Murtha for example…

Likely to chair the Defense Appropriations subcommittee. Murtha’s been tagged as a shameless earmarker, spending tens of millions on projects nobody wants to benefit his friends and his district. He’s already been caught on tape by the FBI explaining how he works scams, so at least if the Feds pick up his trail again, they’ll know what to look for. With massive classified budgets and a long history of wasteful spending, this post is ripe for abuse. The FBI probe into its former chairman, Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA), attests to that. Murtha’s also making a play for Majority Leader.

Hopefully some of the new ethics rules Pelosi and company are talking about putting into effect will curb this down to nothing, but…that’s not excuse for the sins of the past. Do the Dems really want to reward a guy like Murtha with a position he’s demonstrated he’s not fit to serve in?

I guess we’ll see.

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