One of the factors in the Dems win could have been a slight loss in the Republican’s devout base.

From Reuters:

DALLAS (Reuters) – U.S. evangelicals have lost some of their enthusiasm for the Republican Party, a factor contributing to the party’s drubbing in Tuesday’s congressional elections, a new survey found.

In a Beliefnet poll of 771 evangelical Christians from Tuesday to Thursday, 30 percent said they voted for fewer Republicans than in previous elections.

The findings were in line with exit poll estimates such as CNN’s, which found about 70 percent of white evangelicals voted Republican in Tuesday’s elections in which Democrats regained control of the U.S. Congress from
President George W. Bush’s Republicans.

While still strong, that level of support was below the 74 to 78 percent range that different surveys found in the 2004 election.

No doubt that the Foley and Haggard scandals created some discontent in the base. And as the latest election has shown, the Republicans need all the devout they can get.

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