Not Michael Steele, as previously rumored. But Florida Sen. Mel Martinez.

This seems like an odd pick. Martinez will remain in the Senate, limiting how active he can be with the RNC. And he’s not exactly someone who captures the imagination and energizes the party. In fact, he barely squeaked into office on Bush’s coattails in 2004, and is better known for public gaffes than for sound policy.

Conservative bloggers are a bit less than overjoyed, and I can hardly blame them. The GOP is hamstringing its national operation in the runup to 2008 — and for what? To reach out to Hispanic voters? To reward a Bush loyalist?

Is there some way this actually makes sense?

Then couple it with this nugget from Robert Novak: Though blaming their leadership for their election losses, Congressional Republicans apparently plan to vote that same leadership back in.

You know it’s especially bad when conservatives start accusing each other of drinking Kool-Aid.

Is the GOP adrift? Oblivious? Do they think they know something we don’t?

Politics Martinez named to RNC; is the GOP adrift?