Pelosi endorsing Murtha as majority leader = dumb.

Why? Well, if Pelosi is really talking about kicking corruption out of the Congress…Murtha doesn’t deserve to be majority leader. Sure, he’s a decorated Marine and he spoke out about the war when few other politicians would, but his hands have been dirtied over the years in all sorts of ways. Hell, even one of George Soros’s groups says it doesn’t want Murtha in there because of his special way of politicking.

Here’s more about how Pelosi’s tactics took Dems by surprise

Even so, many Democrats thought she would stay out of the race. “We had a great deal of unity last week and encouraging Murtha to run against Hoyer really threatens to fray that unity at a time when we want to project an image of being strong and together,” said one Democratic aide. “It doesn’t bode well for our first 100 hours. To be a majority party, you have to bring disparate groups together, and she’s been given credit for being very good at that. If she departs from that record or that approach, it’s harder to stay a majority.”

The story goes on to say that Pelosi is going with Murtha because she wants some of his moderate mojo to rub off on her.

Ain’t gonna happen Nancy. And my guess is that Murtha won’t get the leadership position.

We shall see…

It looks like the Republicans are having headaches of their own regarding party leadership.

From RedState:

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the next best thing (by a little) to making Kevin Phillips the new RNC Chair: Bonehead Martinez. Yes, that’s right, Bonehead, who with a five-point Bush win in trending-Red Florida at his back, barely managed to beat one of the more anodyne, bland Democrats to run for the Senate outside of Massachusetts; Bonehead, who managed to take a dicey political situation in the Terri Schiavo affair and make himself into a Google search result; Bonehead, who if asked to eat eggs over easy and shave at the same time, would end up with shiny whites and yolk smeared in fork-tine streaks across his face; Bonehead is going to be the RNC Chair.

And if gets better! He’s going to multitask!

He’s talking of course about Mel Martinez…an odd choice for the Repubs since he’s going to keep his Senate seat and run the RNC at the same time…huh?

Michelle Malkin is equally pleased with this decision.

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