And so do I.

Why? Well, obviously I’m not very excited about Pelosi’s choice of Murtha, and neither are two of my local congressmen. They’re going with Steny too. So they give me a little more reason, aside from Murtha’s dirtied hands.

In any event, here’s the Bull Moose with more:

Steny Hoyer should become the donkey’s House Majority Leader. He is being challenged by John Murtha who has become the darling of the anti-war left in the House and nationally. While Murtha is a patriot, he now represents the old guard of ideological polarazation. A Murtha victory would be viewed by the media as a triumph for the left. It would be welcomed by the right which is desperately looking for some good news. […]

If the donkey is to be successful in their new majority status, they must prove to the country that they will govern as centrists. By electing Steny Hoyer as their Majority Leader, the Democratic caucus will send a powerful message to the country, that they are seizing the middle.

Let’s hope Steny gets the votes.

John Murtha is crying foul about the questioning of his character

In a statement issued Tuesday, Murtha — who just won an 18th term — blasted critics who raised concerns about “unfounded allegations that occurred 26 years ago.”

“I thought we were above this type of swift-boating attack,” he said, referring to the largely refuted but widely publicized attacks on Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry’s military record in 2004. “This is not how we restore integrity and civility to the United States Congress.”

Could I be wrong about his hands being dirty?

Please, if I am, I want to know. Illuminate me.

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