So that’s why Marshall Wittman stopped blogging!

From the Courant:

But Wittmann, a registered independent, has made it clear in recent years he is more comfortable as a Democrat, and has been serving the moderate DLC as a senior fellow.

Lieberman, who earlier this month won re-election as an independent, has close ties to Wittmann’s former employers. Lieberman has often partnered with McCain on legislation, and invokes the senator frequently. And Lieberman chaired the DLC in the late 1990s.

“There is no better person to take the helm during this new time in my Senate career than Marshall,” Lieberman said Tuesday. “Marshall has been a trusted outside advisor to me for some time now and I’m glad he will be bring his experience and wisdom to my staff. Those qualities, along with his independence and diverse background, make him the ideal captain of my new Senate Communications team.”

Congrats Marshall. Hope you keep Joe honest.

Politics Bull Moose Goes To Work For Lieberman