That was the question the Wall Street Journal posed recently, and the results point to Americans wanting us to leave sooner rather than later.

First, 51% think we should set a timetable to leave Iraq and 18% think we should leave right now. Only 19% think we should send more troops in. I used to be in that 19%, but now I’m unfortunately in the 51%…given that the country is now in Civil War.

And setting a timetable is important, because I really don’t think that Iraq is going to change unless we force them to change. We simply don’t have the troops to pour into the country, so something else has to be done.

Also, to that Iraq Civil War meme, now 68% believe that the country is indeed in a Civil War. Many have said it first, and now an overwhelmingly majority of Americans believe it (at least according to this poll).

So what does that mean? Did NBC’s decision to call it a Civil War make any difference? Maybe a little bit, but that was only a few days ago so I think one can hardly say it had that much influence. And this poll certainly suggests that many think the situation is not only headed downhill, it’s very near the bottom.

In the end, maybe this is the stat that makes the most difference. According to 56% of Republicans, “Taking military action against Iraq was the right thing to do, but things have gotten off course there.”

Yes, a majority of Republicans think that things are sideways…and that says a lot.

What do you think?

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