So if not Obama, if not Hillary…then who?

Former Indiana Governor and current Senator Evan Bayh is making a play for the White House, and talking a good game in Iowa.

From the AP:

Bayh said the lesson from the Nov. 7 elections were simple.

“My observation was that most of the American people voted against, they voted against the mess in Iraq, they voted against the president personally, they voted against the dysfunction and gridlock in Washington,” he said. “They voted for something different and they wanted to give us a chance.” […]

Bayh said Democrats must seek practical answers to the daily challenges facing Americans. If not, the party’s control of Congress could be brief.

“Otherwise, the country will not be well-served and our position in power may not be very long,” said Bayh, who also met privately with Iowa activists and spent time fundraising.

Agreed. But Bayh has been accused of being boring, and after Gore and Kerry…will Dems nominate another candidate who seemingly lacks charisma?

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