With the upcoming film Blood Diamond about to hit theatres, more eyes are focused on the diamond trade and how those shiny little rocks make their way onto our fingers.

And rightly so. Because while DeBeers, the company with the monopoly on the worldwide diamond trade, may no longer be indirectly financing genocide and civil wars to make sure their product doesn’t drop in value ( a value they created out of thin air), this is one of those companies I actively denounce in social situations and explain why I don’t buy their product.

Now, I certainly don’t condemn those who do, but I certainly will go toe-to-toe with anybody who suggests that the diamond industry has changed for the better. Sure, they don’t supply the money that finances torture, mutilation and genocide. Sorry, but that’s not what I consider “better.”

In any event, the point of all this is I’m pleased to see that Foreign Policy magazine has put together a powerful photo essay that shows a diamond’s journey from start to finish. Because we need to pay far more attention to the things we consume, especially morally suspect items like diamonds.

Please take a look.

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