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Did David Duke Comment on Donklephant?


(UPDATE: It’s the real guy. See below original post for his email response.)

In Sean’s great post about restricting free speech, the lone commenter says this…

The report in which I said that gas chambers did not exist, was the result of a summary of news articles about me and was NOT, I repeat, NOT what I said in my speech or in the conference. Furthermore. I have never stated flatly that gas chambers did not exist. That is fact, not a lie. You can hear my remarks and read the full text at my website.

You are right freedom of speech is vital, if not the readers of this site would not even know that I have a response, a provable response to the charge that I was quote, “a lying loon.�

thank you

The commenter claims to be the David Duke, and after a little followup to, the email that was left for verification is the one Duke has on his website,

I’ve sent an email to the address for a followup, and I’ll update here when I get a response.

The blogosphere is a weird little world indeed…

Yes, it’s apparently the real guy.

Here’s his response to my query if his comment was real…

yes it me.

I am in tehran ready to go on wolf blitzer from a studio near my hotel.

i am on the internet in the lobby of my hotel.

david duke

thanks for your devotion to accuracy.

david duke, and you can check out my website on this matter and listen to my actual speech

Check it out if you want.

Me, I’ll pass.