I’m back. I went away to carry out some projects, but I’m back. Thanks to Justin for the patience. In this post I’m going to lay out what I’ve been busy with. Tomorrow I will come and post some of the foreign policy discussions I’ve been having with progressive leftists.

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Here are some of the recent pieces of interest on the site.

Open Letter to Western Muslims” by Ali Eteraz
Ali Eteraz calls forward-thinking Muslims to arms in this widely publicized and acclaimed essay.

The Progress of Science” by Prof. Mohammad Fadel
A scholar of Islamic law debates the reasons it takes so long for discredited ideas to disappear in modern religion.

The Lost Jihad: Love in Islam” by G. Willow Wilson
The author explores the Islamic principle of spiritual love in this provocative essay.

We Need More Than Glossy Books On Islamic Poetry” by Thabet
An essay addressing the inadequacy of Muslim academia in a time when action, not words, are most needed.

Whither Palestine?” by Aziz Poonawalla
Thoughts on the future of a struggle marked by violence against innocents, by the author of City of Brass.

Plus all of novelist Haroon Moghul’s writings, and reader diaries by site users all over the globe.

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