Debbie Schlussel goes low on Obama

So, even if he identifies strongly as a Christian, and even if he despised the behavior of his father (as Obama said on Oprah); is a man who Muslims think is a Muslim, who feels some sort of psychological need to prove himself to his absent Muslim father, and who is now moving in the direction of his father’s heritage, a man we want as President when we are fighting the war of our lives against Islam? Where will his loyalties be?

Is that even the man we’d want to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, if Hillary Clinton offers him the Vice Presidential candidacy on her ticket (which he certainly wouldn’t turn down)?

NO WAY, JOSE . . . Or, is that, HUSSEIN?

Oh wow…that is just fantastic stuff. I can just hear her now…”What? What did I do? I’m just saying that even if he says he’s a Christian, he’s still a Muslim and we can’t trust Muslims because of Islam and the Koran and the terrorists…and… and…what’s everybody looking at me for?”

Conservative blogger Baldilocks fires back

[…] when I look at many conservative opinions on the man in question–he who appears to be being groomed for the number-two slot for the Democrats in the 2008 presidential election–I see all too much bigotry being put forth as reasons not to vote for the candidate who will probably be Senator Hillary Clinton’s choice for running mate.

Is that how the Right wants to portray itself?

BTW, there are a lot of black Americans with Arabic first namesâ€â€?my youngest sister is one of them. She was born in the late seventies when my parents were still “Muslims,â€Â? but she is also now a Christian. She and millions of other black Americans were dubbed names like “Ayisha,â€Â? “Amira,â€Â? “Jamal,â€Â? and “Malik,â€Â? but are no more Muslim than is Lt. General John Abizaid (aka “the Mad Arab”). Does the Right want to alienate such people?

Well, get ready for it Baldilocks. You’re gonna have a heck of a time with the right-wing if a black guy who actually has a shot at becoming President actually runs. It won’t be pretty.

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