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An Electric Car Recharges In 10 Minutes?


That’s the claim for this pretty cool looking “Sport Utility Truck.” And you can go 130 miles on that single charge. Not too shabby.

From TechEBlog:

Powered by the revolutionary Altairnano NanoSafe™ battery pack, Phoenix Motorcars’ zero-emission, all-electric Sport Utility Truck (SUT) can cruise on the freeway at up to 95 m.p.h. while carrying five passengers and a full payload.

The SUT has a low-cost maintenance schedule and will be introduced to fleet managers in early 2007. The company plans to produce at least 500 SUTs in 2007. […]

Phoenix is currently working on an expanded battery pack that will allow a 250 mile range, still permitting a 10 minute charge and available in late 2007.

But most importantly…what will it cost? And only 500 being made? Yikes.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction. Style and sustainability all in one. Gotta love that.