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What’s Going On?


I’ve been far from prolific these past couple weeks, so my apologies for that. Just settling into a new arrangement, and I should get back in the flow of things soon.

In the meantime…

Obama said he’s going to form an exploratory committee, but questions still swirl around his experience. However, he’s pretty much tied with Hillary in the lastest Rasmussen poll.

If you get a chance, watch his announcement video. It somewhat speaks to what we’re attempting to do with Donklephant, and that is finding a better way to solve problems while getting rid of the partisan rhetoric. Obama continues to impress me, but we’ll see if he can follow through or if it’s just lip service.

Senators from both sides of the aisle are introducing a resolution opposing Bush’s Iraq Policy.

Will the resolution do much? Not really, but with Bush’s numbers and the public’s disapproval of his new war plan, it may have a bigger symbolic impact, and that’s exactly what these politicians are looking for. If they can’t stop the troops from being sent in, they can at least register a vote of no confidence in Bush’s handling of the war.

The hangings of Saddam and two of his closest advisors aren’t doing anything for the already tense sectarian strains.

And in that vein, Baghdad continues to get bloodier with 105 people dying just yesterday.

Tensions with Iran are growing, as the US is building up forces and Iran is shooting down our spy planes.

Still, is Iran’s Ahmadinejad facing a bigger political threat at home from the country’s dismal economic numbers?