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Score One For Blogger’s Rights


Jobs must be pissed.

Apple sued a couple bloggers for leaking some inside info and demanded they reveal their sources. The courts said no, and told Apple to not only pay the blogger’s legal fees…but more than double them…


Apple Inc., had issued subpoenas to online tech journalists, including the publisher of and, over reports the company claimed “violated California state trade secret law” which divulged so-called confidential information about not-yet released Apple products. Apple claimed the journalists were not entitled to First Amendment protections similar to those afforded to their print counterparts.

However, a California court disagreed, ruling against Apple and in favor of the defendants, who were represented by legal counsel from The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Apple was ordered to pay all legal costs associated with the defense, including a 2.2 times multiplier of the actual fees, bringing the total to about $700,000.

Again…wow. That’s big.

But, I still want one of those iPhones…