The first one is out, and the details are basically mandated health care (shades of Massachusetts), combine with government subsidies for those who can’t afford their own and a system that forces insurers to cover people regardless of their medical condition. All in all, not bad from first glance.

Here’s more…

But that’s not the plan’s most intriguing — and potentially radical — feature. That distinction…is for what’s known as a Medicare buy-in. When people go to buy insurance through the Health Markets, they’ll have the option to buy into a public program modeled on Medicare. This would, in theory, set up a competition between the public and private insurance plans. And, if the public program ends up winning in the long run — by attracting most or all of the subscribers — then eventually you’d have what is basically a single-payer system, in which the government provides insurance directly to most people through something like Medicare.

Feasible? I’d imagine that free marketers will scoff at this competition between the private and public systems, but nothing says that competition has to be between private businesses.

You can find the entire plan here.

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