Earlier today, I published my first post at Donklephant. It should have been preceded by a thank-you to Justin Gardner for inviting me to post here and by providing some background about myself, my blog (americanfuture.net), and why I decided to accept Justin’s invitation.

So, to begin, here’s a brief bio. If I were a “statesman,” the word “elder” might be used, as I’m approaching my 61st birthday. I don’t know whether this makes me the old man of the blogosphere, but I’m undoubtedly pretty close. I have an undergraduate degree in Political Science and an MBA. Most of my career was on Wall Street, where I was a securities analyst covering the computer and software industries. After my 20-year stint on the Street, I became an independent corporate strategy consultant and ultimately got caught up in the dot com boom of the late 1990s. When the boom went bust, my consulting business went down the tubes. Since 2000, I’ve been retired.

Politically, I’ve been an independent ever since I was old enough to vote. I’ve cast my presidential ballots for both Democrats and Republicans. In today’s political context, I would describe myself as being right-of-center, at least in so far as foreign and economic policy issues are concerned. On social and cultural issues, I may be a little left of center (it’s hard for me to judge). My blog, which I started in September 2004, focuses on foreign policy, national security, terrorism, and multiculturalism (especially in Britain, where it’s a major issue). I comment on domestic politics as it relates to these focii.

For the past few months, I’ve been posting at another blog (which I will leave unnamed) that depicts itself as being “centrist.” From the comments my posts have received there, it’s apparent that the bulk of its readership is decidedly left-of-center. Having read many of the comments at Donklephant, it’s clear to me that its audience is truly centrist, as the invective that characterizes the words left by the readers of that other “centrist” blog is lacking. I don’t expect — and don’t want — everyone to agree with me, but I want the disagreements to be civil and reasoned.

I’m happy to be here.

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