But he was wrong. Uhh…woops.

From Politico:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said this week that President Bush “was pro-choice before he became pro-life,â€Â? an assertion the Romney campaign now acknowledges was inaccurate. The remark was based on a magazine article Romney had read, his campaign said.[…]

Question: “Bloggers like to call it ‘flip flopping,’ the way you’ve changed your views on issues like abortion over the years. I’ve heard the story about stem cell research that caused you to change your mind on abortion and come to your current position. But will conservatives here buy that? Doesn’t that give off the impression that you’ll do whatever it takes to win?â€Â?

Romney: “Ronald Reagan was pro-choice, and became pro-life. I understand that George W. Bush was pro-choice before he came pro-life. Zell Miller was pro-choice before pro-life. And I was effectively pro-choice before I became pro-life. I don’t think anyone questions the commitment on the part of those other gentlemen for pro-life principles. And, in my case, you don’t have to take my word for it. You can look at my record as governor, because I made the move to pro-life some time ago. I’ve been governor. I’ve had several bills that came to my desk that raised the question of abortion or life, and I came down on the side of respecting the sanctity of human life every time.â€Â?

If there’s one thing I’ve found that Republicans loathe is a politician who comes off as disingenuous and slick. As of right now, Romney leads the pack in both the categories. Because there’s nothing more disingenuous and slick than explaining a switch in your position by comparing it to other prominent politicians who switched. That’s incredibly bad form and Romney should know better.

I mean, it’s way too earlier to ask this question but I’ll do it anyway: is Mitt done before he’s even started?

What could be interesting is, in the end, abortion may not be as big an issue in the primaries because Republicans know that they’re going to have to pick a candidate who can pull in the independents who left the right and swung the 2006 elections. That puts Giuliani and McCain in a pretty good position, although I think it’s better for Giuliani’s chances ultimately. Romney’s still in a pickle here, because if there’s one thing independents loathe…it’s a politican who comes off as disingenuous and slick.

Romney, you listening? You better because I don’t think there’s much time left before you’re defined as the Republican John Kerry.

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