Newt, how big is your ego? About that big? Maybe a bit bigger?

Anyway…the following story is damn funny. Why? Well, THE Newt Gingrich is actually calling somebody else “ruthless.” I’m sorry, but didn’t Gingrich invent that back in the 90s?

From the NY Post:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich yesterday called Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton “a nasty woman” who runs an “endlessly ruthless” campaign machine.

The conservative Republican made the surprising comments – after months of taking care not to trash the Democratic presidential front-runner – in a wide-ranging New York Post editorial-board interview.

And as far as nastiness goes, isn’t this the guy who served his wife divorce papers while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery?

Honestly, I thought Newt had turned a corner in the past couple years, but apparently not. And while it’s unfortunate, it’s certainly not unexpected. After all, this is a guy who made a career on being ruthless, nasty and partisan at any costs. Also remember, he helped fine tune the Republican noise machine, so why should now be any different?

Still, his predictions for the next election are dead on in my opinion…

* Said the GOP needs to nominate a Ronald Reagan-type candidate and added, “I think it’s not an accident that Giuliani is running as well as he is in the polls.”

Gingrich called New York’s evolution under Giuliani “a tremendous story . . . It’s a different city.”

* Warned that the GOP is in the “early stages of an enormous transition” and suggested electability is an issue for Republicans.

“A normative Republican running like a traditional Republican, which means a non-Reagan Republican, and trying to beat Hillary by being negative is hopeless,” he said.

Yes, he’s still good…and still nasty.

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