Hello progress!

From WSJ:

Four former majority leaders who used to battle on the Senate floor plan to launch next week a “Bipartisan Policy Center� to encourage Republicans and Democrats to work together on national security, energy and agriculture issues. With funding from philanthropic organizations, former Democratic leaders Daschle and Mitchell, and Republicans Dole and Baker, aim to develop what a spokesman calls the “best ideas from the left and right� and then build “political momentum.�

Political momentum for what I wonder? A third party? Probably not, but are they talking about trying to maintain a good balance in the Congress? That would be welcome, since we’ve seen what long-term, lopsided majorities do to party politics.

Now, obviously isn’t the first bipartisan think tank. The Partnership for A Secure America sprouted up in 2005. After a quick search on Google I haven’t found any other national ones, but there’s no doubt that more exist…maybe.

Still, chalk another one up for the centrist movement. The middle is gaining traction.

Politics Another Bi-Partisan Think Tank