That’s what this video put out before CPAC contends to purport, that of having one position and then changing your mind later on. But I can’t think of anything that Giuliani has said in this video that he isn’t saying presently. Not much flip-flopping, just a lot of positions that conservatives aren’t really that comfortable hearing from the frontrunner.

I mean, is Giuliani a “conservative” in the George W. Bush sense? No. Is he a “conservative” in the George H. W. Bush sense? Much more so, yes. Let’s face it, conservatism has been so caught up in the politics of the pulpit that they can’t be separated. I think Giuliani is going to try and change that, but he’s got a long, hard slog ahead of him. Republican candidates ignore the evangelical vote at their own peril.

In other news, Giuliani wins a straw poll in a key South Carolina county by a nose.

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