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Does This Man Look Guilty?


Of course he does. Look at that ominous, low angle shot. However…

From the AFP:

Khaled el-Masri claims was detained by the CIA for several months in 2004 on suspicion of links to terrorism. […]

The US government had urged the court to reject the appeal saying that for national security reasons it could not confirm or deny any of the allegations because they were related to the activities of the CIA.

The court said that to make his case, el-Masri “would be obliged to produce admissible evidence not only that he was detained and interrogated, but that the defendants were involved in his detention and interrogation in a manner that renders them personally liable to him.

Guess what happened…

“Such a showing could be made only with evidence that exposes how the CIA organizes, staffs and supervises its most sensitive intelligence operations.

“The defendants could not properly defend themselves without using privileged evidence,” the decision said.

And just to put a cherry on top of the unconstitutional sundae…

Reports have indicated that US agents confused Masri with a terror suspect with a similar name who was linked to the attacks of September 11, 2001.

And so it goes in our new world order…