Apparently, sympathy was the theme in the jury room for Scooter. Not enough sympathy to acquit him of the charges, but enough to pose some pretty pointed questions about Rove and others in the administration.

From E&P:

NEW YORK A spokesman for the jury that convicted “Scooter” Lewis of four counts today of perjury and obstruction of justice today in a federal courtroom told reporters immediately afterward that many felt sympathy for Libby and believed he was only the “fall guy.”

Denis Collins said that “a number of times” they asked themselves, “what is HE doing here? Where is Rove and all these other guys….He was the fall guy.”

He said they believed that Vice President Cheney did “task him to talk to reporters.”

He said, “some jurors said at one point, ‘We wish we weren’t judging Libby…this sucks.” More than once he said many jurors found Libby “sympathetic.”

And to our friends at the National Review who have already called for Libby’s pardon, there’s this…

He said that politics played no role in the verdict, and claimed most jurors didn’t know how others felt politically.

More as it develops.

Politics Libby Jury: He Was The Fall Guy