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Gonzales Is Gone…Almost


It’s pretty much inevitable now, especially after his recent non-apology apology to US attorneys.

Seriously…I don’t think you’re going to believe this one:

Gonzales apologized to the prosecutors not for the firings but for their execution, including for inaccurate public statements about poor job performance, according to people familiar with the afternoon conference call.

“It shouldn’t have happened,” Gonzales said, according to one lawyer familiar with the conversation. The lawyer, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the matter, said Gonzales acknowledged that he’d seemed too detached during his news conference earlier this week. He told the prosecutors that he “should have known” about the dismissal planning by his former chief of staff.

“I want you to feel like you can be open with me,” Gonzales told the attorneys, and he gave his assurance that their independence was expected and that they wouldn’t be punished.

Wait, wait, wait. Am I reading this right? He wouldn’t apologize for firing somebody who was doing a good job and was only let go because of politically motivated pressures? I’m sorry, but if my boss fired somebody and told everybody IN THE WORLD that it had to do with their performance, but then it was revealed it didn’t have anything to do with performance…would you ever trust him again?

So here’s the score people. Internal White House emails show that Gonzales knew about this plan when Rove floated it. So this apology appears to be yet another attempt to confuse and obfuscate. In short, he’s lying, and at this point…that’s really sad.

And here’s more about what others think about Alberto’s chances of sticking around

The fallout from the firings continues to grow in Washington, and sources tell CBS News that it looks like Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will take the fall.

Republicans close to the White House tell CBS News chief White House correspondent Jim Axelrod that President Bush is in “his usual posture: pugnacious, that no one is going to tell him who to fire.” But sources also said Gonzales’ firing is just a matter of time.

The White House is bracing for a weekend of criticism and more calls for Gonzales to go. One source tells CBS News he’s never seen the administration in such deep denial, and Republicans are growing increasingly restless for the president to take action.

When is he leaving? Post your predictions down in the comments.