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Iraq War Perspective


Try this on for size:

1. The newspaper today states one minute of war in Iraq costs US$380,000. A calculation made by Joseph Stiglitz, a US Nobelprize winning economist. That is almost double the cost of the war in Vietnam.

2. According to WFP, the UN’s food aid organisation, it costs US$0.19 to feed a child for a day. Nineteen cents. 20,000 children die of hunger every day. The time it took you to read this post, already 15 died.

3. Taking those two figures together, one minute of war in Iraq would feed 2,000,000 children for a day. One day of war in Iraq would feed 20,000,000 children for a year.

Now extend that same idea into all the other problems we have in this country and you’ve got something to really think about. So yes, why are we doing this again? Is it really worth it? Will we continue to be a liberating force that gets mired into hugely expensive conflicts that go on for years on end for little or no pay off?

I say no way. We need to start focusing stateside before the costs to fix some of our problems get so huge they’re nearly impossible to solve.