Moderate and conservative Republicans agree. Giuliani is the guy, at least for now. Specifically, 48% of moderates want Giuliani, while 38% of conservatives think Rudy’s their man.

What about the other guys? McCain trails with 26% and 20%, respectively. Newt weighs in with 14% among conservatives, but barely registers with moderates. Romney is hardly a blip with either.

And here’s the big one…

Eighty percent of both conservative and moderate Republicans have a favorable opinion of Giuliani.

80% And there’s no doubt that most voters know Rudy because of 9/11. To his credit, though, McCain scores a 68% approval in this poll.

The big news here isn’t Giuliani…it’s Romney. He’s been caught in a few odd places lately, and is seen as an empty suit. What will it take for him to really capture that “New Reagan” mojo that all the Repubs are looking for?

We shall see…

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