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Huckabee on Republican Nominees


Pretty funny…

A Baptist minister, Mr. Huckabee expressed impatience with the political choices so far of some religious conservatives. In the March Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, Mr. Giuliani led among Republicans with 38%; even among evangelical voters, the twice-divorced former New York City mayor, a supporter of abortion rights, received 37% to 2% for Mr. Huckabee.

“If Republicans in this election vote in such a way as to say a candidate’s personal life and personal conduct in office doesn’t matter,� he declared, “then a lot of Christian evangelical leaders owe Bill Clinton a public apology.�

Yes, Rudy’s personal life isn’t squeaky clean. But then again, neither are the lives of many Christian evangelical leaders, right? We’re all human, we all make mistakes, and maybe this is a shift in the collective opinion about that.

Yeah, I don’t think so either…