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All You Need To Know About The Email Scandal

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From the LA Times:

WASHINGTON � Karl Rove and other White House employees were cautioned in employee manuals, memos and briefings to carefully save any e-mails that might discuss official matters even if those messages came from private e-mail accounts, the White House disclosed Friday. [..]

The documents included a memorandum from then-White House General Counsel Alberto R. Gonzales, who is now attorney general, cautioning employees that “any e-mail relating to official business … qualifies as a presidential record.”

The instructions dwell on the importance of separating political from official acts. But they also explain that all e-mail sent “to your official account is automatically archived as if it were a presidential record.” The manual adds: “If you happen to receive an e-mail on a personal account which otherwise qualifies as a presidential record, it is your duty to insure that it is saved as such by printing it out and saving it or by forwarding it to your White House e-mail account,” the manual said.

I don’t know about you, but this “No Accountability Ever!” example the administration is setting seems like it could be pretty damaging to our collective behavior overall. I mean, it’s gotten beyond ridiculous at this point. Now we’re into surreal territory.

At the very least, Rove and staff should be fired for incompetence.

Something tells me that ain’t gonna happen.

Good times.