Hey, it’s better than lying and say you do have an alternative plan, but respectfully then Mr. McCain…you have no business holding the office of Commander in Chief. You can run all you want, but you shouldn’t win.

From the NY Times:

WASHINGTON, April 13 � Senator John McCain said that the buildup of American forces in Iraq represented the only viable option to avoid failure in Iraq and that he had yet to identify an effective fallback if the current strategy failed.

“I have no Plan B,â€Â? Mr. McCain said in an interview. “If I saw that doomsday scenario evolving, then I would try to come up with one. But I cannot give you a good alternative because if I had a good alternative, maybe we could consider it now.â€Â? […]

Mr. McCain methodically dismissed as unrealistic every other plan that had been proposed by Democrats as a substitute for President Bush’s strategy, including those from Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware and Barack Obama of Illinois.

He said that if the Bush administration’s plan had not produced visible signs of progress by the time a McCain presidency began, he might be forced � if only by the will of public opinion � to end American involvement in Iraq.

A President needs to be curious. We’ve seen what can happen when he is not. McCain better start getting a lot more curious because he’s not going to win the nomination with this stuff.

You can click below to hear excerpts from his interview with the NY Times.

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