Personally, I think this is a brilliant idea, but I know people will start crying “Nanny State” if any politician brings it up. Or maybe, just maybe, we’ll be okay with paying a few extra dollars for new lightbulbs if it can significantly cut down on energy consumption.

One can hope.

From the Montreal Gazette:

Ontario announced earlier this month it was banning incandescents by 2012. Australia is moving to ban the old bulbs by 2010, cutting the country’s emissions by four million tonnes by 2012.

The new lightbulbs are three to four times as efficient as incandescent bulbs, which emit between five and 10 per cent light while the rest is heat.

[Natural Resources Minister Gary] Lunn said the ban will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than six million tonnes a year, saving homeowners about $60 annually in electricity costs.

And do note that Canada’s Conservative Party has proposed this.

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