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Two Month Recess For Iraqi Parliament?


From yesterday’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer:

IRAQI FOREIGN MINISTER, HOSHYAR ZEBARI: Wolf, yesterday I was at a meeting, a very important meeting of Baghdad security plan. In fact, I was the person who raised that issue that although the parliament is the key body that tried to work with us on legislations, on this political plan, their recess is coming for two weeks, and really we should…

BLITZER: Hey, wait a minute, is it going to be — is it a two- week recess or a two-month recess?

ZEBARI: No, not two — I’m sorry, two-month. In fact, the recess is two months. And we discussed that issue. That really this should be cut down to two weeks or one week because business is not as usual in our country.

And we have to rise up, let’s say, to these challenges, and the parliament or the council of representatives who has a key role here should be up to this new challenge.

And this recess has to be reviewed in consultation with the presidency of the council of representatives. So I’m hopeful. I’m optimistic, really, that we will be able to keep them here working and not to go in two months’ recess.

Umm…how about no recess? Not while soldiers are dying (over 100 in April alone) because they’re trying to buy you all the time to get your house in order.